elebrating a Decade of Commitment: The Liverpool Dementia Action Alliance 10th Anniversary


 14th November 2023

Chinese Wellbeing is an active member of the Liverpool Dementia Action Alliance (LDAA), which recently marked its 10th anniversary with a day of reflection and celebration at the Museum of Liverpool!The LDAA has a membership of over 90 organisations who are committed to creating a dementia-friendly city. The day was filled with insights into the achievements of the last decade, from raising awareness to advocating for Liverpool’s diverse communities. Di Burbidge our Service Development Manager and Chair of the LDAA Diversity Sub Group gave a brief overview of some of the key achievements and projects which have helped to raise awareness of dementia and advocate for the needs of Liverpool’s Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.  Di gave personal thanks to members of the LDAA Coordinating Group for their invaluable expertise and guidance over the years which have helped to shape Chinese Wellbeing’s dementia support services. We also took the opportunity to connect with fellow members, share knowledge and discuss future priorities. A special thank you to members of the Diversity Sub Group, Irish Community Care, Back to Life Liverpool and Mary Seacole House, for their unwavering commitment to providing culturally appropriate dementia support within their respective communities.

Want to learn more about our services? We will be at the Liverpool Dementia Information Day on Thursday March 14th 2024, held at Liverpool Central Library between 10am – 4pm. Come and meet the team at our stall!

華人身心健康是利物浦腦退化症行動聯盟 (LDAA) 的活躍成員,該聯盟最近在利物浦博物館舉辦了為期 10 週年的反思和慶祝活動!LDAA 擁有 90 多個組織的成員,這些組織致力於創建一個對腦退化症友善的城市。 這一天充滿了對過去十年成就的深刻見解,從提高認識到倡導利物浦多元化社區。我們的服務發展經理兼 LDAA 多元化小組主席 Di Burbidge 簡要概述了一些關鍵成就和項目,這些成就和項目有助於提高對腦退化症的認識並倡導利物浦黑人、亞洲和少數族裔社區的需求。 Di個人對 LDAA 協調小組成員表示感謝,感謝他們多年來提供的寶貴專業知識和指導,幫助塑造了華人身心健康的腦退化症支持服務我們也藉此機會與其他會員聯繫、分享知識並討論未來的優先事項。 特別感謝多元化小組愛爾蘭社區關懷中心利物浦回歸生活瑪麗西科爾之家的成員,感謝他們對各自社區需求的堅持和承諾,以及為提供文化適當的支援服務所做的努力。

想了解更多關於我們的服務嗎? 我們將於 2024 年 3 月 14 日星期四上午 10 點至下午 4 點在利物浦中央圖書館參加利物浦腦退化症資訊日。 歡迎您與我們的團隊見面!

Di Burbidge talked about some of the highlights from the past ten years.

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