TIMES Chinese Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Advisory Group

TIMES 個人化睡眠管理華人患者與公眾參與(PPIE)諮詢小組

 3rd January 2024

Chinese Wellbeing has been involved in an NIHR research study led by Professor Chris Fox of University of Exeter for over 12 months. The Tailored Management of Sleep (TIMES) study aims to design and test a tool to help people with dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment, carers and professionals to produce tailored care plans around sleep and improve sleep disturbance and reduce harm from sleeping medicines. Chinese Wellbeing has been successful in creating a Chinese Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Advisory group through which the academic team has been able to capture very diverse perspectives which will assist in the design of the TIMES  intervention which is a unique and tailored approach. The PPIE Group met again recently and on this occasion, were able to welcome Professor Ian Maidment from Aston University, also part of the study, to Liverpool to meet in person. As in previous meetings, the Group was given the opportunity to share their diverse perspectives and valuable insight all of equal importance  when tailoring interventions to individual needs. 

The academic team was also interested in hearing views about using mobile technology for medication management in older people. We believe our Group’s participation is paving the way for better understanding, support and helping people find the best approach for their unique needs. We appreciate the support of all participants.  Want to learn more about this impactful project or how you can get involved in PPIE? Visit https://carecoachtimes.org/times/ 

華人身心健康積極參與了一項國家健康與護理研究所的研究(TIMES 個人化睡眠管理)已超過 12 個月。研究由艾克希特大學 Chris Fox 教授領導,旨在設計和測試一種工具,幫助腦退化症輕度認知障礙患者、照護者和專業人員制定圍繞睡眠的個人化護理計劃,改善睡眠障礙並減少安眠藥物的危害。華人身心健康成功建立了華人患者和公眾參與(PPIE) 諮詢小組。透過該小組,學術團隊能夠收集非常多樣化的觀點,這將有助於設計TIMES 幹預措施,也是一種獨特且量身定制的方法。PPIE小組最近為該研究再次召開會議,這次有機會邀請來自阿斯頓大學的Ian Maidment教授來到利物浦親自會面。 與先前的會議一樣,該小組有機會分享不同的觀點和寶貴的見解,這些觀點和見解在根據個人需求量身定制干預措施時同樣重要。學術團隊也想了解有關使用移動技術進行長者藥物管理的觀點。 我們相信,我們集團的參與將為更好地理解、支持和幫助人們找到滿足其獨特需求的最佳方法鋪平道路。 我們感謝所有參與者的支持。想要了解有關這個有影響力的項目的更多信息,或者如何參與 PPIE? 查看更多信息

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