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We want to support older people in Liverpool’s Chinese Community to live independently with the best possible quality of life and involvement in their local community. As with any charity we need your support to continue our vital work. We value any amount of financial support whether as a one off, monthly donation or even from a fundraising event!

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Using Bopp to donate

BOPP is the new way for charities to replace cash donations and avoid card processing fees. BOPP is one of the most secure, versatile and user-friendly fundraising tools that enables payments to be made from a your bank account to Chinese Wellbeing in seconds. Just scan this QR code, follow few simple instructions to donate to  Chinese Wellbeing


Other ways to support us is through Easyfundraising. We’ve registered Chinese Wellbeing with Easyfundraising , which means many brands will now donate to us for FREE every time you shop with them.
Click Here to sign up Easyfundraising.  Video show how to raise Free donations to Chinese Wellbeing.

These donations will help so much, so please sign up to support us – It’s completely free.

Participating in the activities organised for the community

Join our Events and Activities to create plenty of positivity and encourage the community to play a more active part in society.

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Word of mouth is a really great way to pass along news and information. Everyone can support us in this way, and it is FREE! Tell your friend about us, follow us on social media, get connected with us on all of our platforms so you won’t miss any news, updates or exciting events. Don’t forget to like our post, share and retweet! 



Do something amazing today, your generosity will make a difference in our community. Further information please contact:

Mark Chen, Registered Manager or David Yii, Care Manager on 0151 709 2643