David turns 60, but his passion for helping never ages!

大衛慶祝60歲生日, 任持續熱衷於助人之道!

 November 2023

It was time for celebrations as David, our Senior Care Manager, turned 60! Nearly 21 years at Chinese Wellbeing and his passion for helping others remains strong. He draws immense satisfaction in helping the elders navigate life’s challenges and resolve everyday issues which all contributes to improved mental health and wellbeing. At the celebration, David thanked all his amazing colleagues for their friendship and support over the years. He reminisced about starting in 2003, never expecting such a remarkable career after overcoming severe injuries in a car accident. Staff members shared stories of his kindness, humour, wisdom and support. As David embarks on this new chapter, we know his dedication and infectious optimism will only brighten our future.  Here’s to many more years of laughter, service and making a difference, David!

現在是慶祝我們高級護理經理大衛60歲生日的時候了!在他長達21年的華人身心健康職業生涯中,他對於協助他人的熱情依然不減。他以極大的滿足感應對幫助長者應對生活挑戰和解決日常問題,這一切都有助於改善他們的心理健康和幸福感。在慶生活動上,大衛感謝所有敬業的同事多年來的友誼和支持。他追憶著從2003年開始的經歷,當時他克服了一場車禍的重傷,從未預料到會有如此長久和出色的職業生涯。同事們紛紛分享了他的善良、幽默、智慧和給予支持的感人故事。隨著大衛邁向新的篇章,我們深知他的奉獻精神和富有感染力的樂觀態度將照亮我們的未來。 祝福大衛,向多年來的歡笑、服務和貢獻致以崇高敬意!

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