Chinese Wellbeing Receives Independent Age’s Cost-of-living Grants Fund

華人身心健康獲得Independent Age生活費資助基金

December 2023

Good news!
We’re delighted to share the news that our application for a grant from Independent Age to help older people with the cost of living this winter was successful!
We are one of 27 organisations that have received a grant from Independent Age. This grant is from £1 million fund they set up to give to charities that work  directly with older people to help those struggling with the cost of living. This funding will help us extend our support to meet the demand from older people over
the coming months. It means that we can reach not just the people who already know about us and would usually come to us, but also go further in helping us make a positive difference. We would like to thank Independent Age for their funding, which will help us support more older people in the community this winter.
To find out more on Independent Age, visit or follow them using @IndependentAge on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

好消息! 我們非常高興地宣布,我們向 Independent Age 申請的一項資金,以幫助長者應對今年冬季的生活費用問題已成功批准! 我們是27個從Independent Age獲得資助的組織之一。 這筆資金來自他們設立的100萬英鎊基金,旨在資助直接與長者合作的慈善機構,以幫助那些在生活費用方面感到困難的人。 這項資金將幫助我們擴大支援,以滿足未來幾個月內長者的需求。 這意味著我們不僅能夠接觸到已經知道我們並通常會尋求我們幫助的人,而且還能更深入地幫助我們產生積極的影響。 我們要感謝Independent Age的資助,這將有助於我們在今年冬季支持更多社區中的長者。

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