Fuel Support Referrals (HSF 4)  燃料費用支援轉介

December 2023

Citizens Advice Liverpool are distributing more than one million pound of fuel support on behalf of Liverpool City Council.


Eligibility 申請資格

To be eligible for the fund, You must be living in the Liverpool Local Authority in disadvantaged circumstances AND meet at least one of the following criteria: – 要獲得該支援的資格,申請人必須居住於利物浦地方政府的基層家庭,並且至少符合以下其一之標準:

  • People who are experiencing a fuel crisis, including being unable to add credit to their pre-payment meter OR they are in arrears with their energy supplier, regardless of their employment status; ​無論其就業狀況如何,任何正處於燃料費用危機的人,包括無法為其預付費用電錶增值或已拖欠能源供應商的費用的人;
  • People in receipt of any means tested state benefit AND has a long term health condition; ​領取任何經過經濟狀況調查的國家福利並有長期健康狀況的人;
  • People with any long-term health condition requiring additional energy use at home. For example, to power medical equipment, maintain a comfortable temperature, additional washing/laundry needs etc.有任何長期健康問題、需要在家中使用額外能源的人。 例如,為醫療設備供電、保持舒適的溫度、額外的洗滌/洗衣需求等。
  • Vulnerable families with children (aged under 5).有5 歲以下孩子的弱勢家庭。

Payments of £250 are available. 支援有 250 英鎊

Payments of £250 will be made direct to utility suppliers. 250 英鎊的付款將直接支付給能源供應商。

Information we need from you: 所需文件

  • Full name, address, date of birth and one or more contact methods 全名、地址、出生日期以及一個或多個聯絡方式
  • Utility bill, including account holder name, does it have pay-as-you-go meters installed? 電費單,包括帳戶持有人姓名,是否安裝了預付費表?
  • Confirmation of which one or more of the four eligibility criteria qualifies  (For example, in receipt of a means tested benefit).證明文件確認符合以上四個資格中其個或多個(例如,是否領取經濟狀況調查的福利)。

Means tested benefits透過經濟狀況調查取得的福利

The following are means tested benefits: 以下是經過經濟狀況調查的福利:

  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance 基於收入的求職者津貼,
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance 與收入相關的就業和支援津貼 Income Support 收入支援
  • Pension Credit 退休金補助
  • Tax Credits (Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit)低收入補助(兒童稅金抵收補助和工作稅金抵收補助)
  • Housing Benefit 住房福利
  • Council Tax Support 地稅支援
  • Social Fund (Sure Start Maternity Grant, Funeral Payment, Cold Weather Payment) 社會基金(Sure Start 生育補助金、喪葬費、寒冷天氣補助金)
  • Universal Credit 普遍信用金

If you don’t have any support and need help to apply, Please contact David and Teresa on 0151- 709 2643 , They will be happy to help you submit your application.

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