Tea House Reminiscence® Dementia Action Week 2022

樂天茶座® 腦退化症行動周

16th May 2022

Due to the pandemic and following the end of our grant funding from the Liverpool City Council, it has been more than 2 years since our last Tea House Reminiscence session was held. However, thanks to the Central Liverpool Primary Care Network (CLPCN) and the Citizens Advice Liverpool, we were able to arrange a session during Dementia Action Week. The Central Liverpool PCN covers medical practices based around Central Liverpool which many of our members are registered with. Dementia Action Week is the Alzheimer’s Society’s biggest and longest running dementia awareness campaign and this year the theme is diagnosis. In keeping with this theme, we delivered a short session on brain health and how to spot signs and symptoms of dementia. Tea House has always been an effective platform to raise awareness of dementia within the community. We were also delighted to welcome Emma Stafford who is the Deputy CMHT Manager for Merseycare NHS to deliver a talk on the support provided by the Dementia Care Navigator team for anyone recently diagnosed with dementia and their family carers. Following the talk, Julie, our Love to Move practitioner delivered a session which certainly livened up everyone. We then enjoyed a memory box session and a trip down memory lane, games and singing. We finished with Chinese soup which was enjoyed by all. Since the event, we have had many requests for more Tea House sessions and are working hard to secure further funding to make this happen.

由於疫情的影響,加上利物浦市議會的資助結束,距離上一次樂天茶座® 已經過去兩年多了。然而,感謝利物浦中央初級保健網絡 (CLPCN) 和利物浦公民諮詢中心,我們能夠在腦退化症行動週期間安排一次茶座。 (CLPCN) 涵蓋利物浦市中心週邊的醫療機構,我們的許多會員都在其中註冊。腦退化症行動周是阿爾茨海默病協會規模最大和持續時間最長的宣傳活動,今年的主題是診斷。為了與這個主題保持一致,我們舉辦了一場關於大腦健康以及如何發現腦退化症跡象和症狀的簡短演講。茶館一直是提高社區對腦退化症認識的有效平台。我們還很高興地歡迎 Merseycare NHS 的 CMHT 副經理 Emma Stafford 發表演講,介紹腦退化症護理導航團隊為最近被診斷患有腦退化症的人及其家庭護理人員提供的支持。演講結束後, Love to Move 愛運動導師Julie帶動大家做起輕度的椅子運動,讓每個人都活躍起來。然後我們乘醉懷舊的記憶盒 、回憶之旅、玩遊戲和唱歌。我們最後品嚐傳統養生湯水,大家都如願以償。自活動舉辦以來,我們收到了許多關於舉辦更多茶座的請求,並正在努力爭取更多資金來實現這一目標。

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