Diabetes Management Programme 糖尿病管理計劃

May 2021- May 2022

This programme was funded through the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group and supported by the Liverpool Diabetes Partnership. We were pleased to be able to recruit our Diabetes Champion, Teresa who has previous experience on leading a Diabetes Support Group in Hong Kong. Teresa was supported in the delivery of the programme by Stella who is an experienced member of the care team and someone who has successfully managed her diabetes over a number of years. Teresa developed and wrote the programme with input from the Liverpool Diabetes Partnership which was rolled out over 8 monthly online sessions. The aim of the project was to establish a community led diabetes prevention and self-care programme and culture in Liverpool. We achieved the overall aim of the programme which was to empower community members to take better control of diabetes self-care and prevention through increased knowledge and skills sharing. Chinese Wellbeing along with 12 other community organisations, the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group and the Liverpool Diabetes Partnership created a Community of Practice for sharing of knowledge, information and learning as member organisations piloted different approaches over the course of the project. Diabetes educational video’s

該計劃由Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group資助,並得到Liverpool Diabetes Partnership的支持。我們很高興能夠招募我們的糖尿病推廣大使 Teresa,她之前曾在香港領導糖尿病支持小組。 Teresa在實施該計劃時和得到經驗豐富的護理人員Stella的支持,Stella多年來成功控制了她的糖尿病。 Teresa 根據Liverpool Diabetes Partnership的意見開發並編寫了該計劃,並透過8 次的在線會議,每月一次在線會見患者,患者家人和其護理人員, 推出該計劃 。計劃旨在就糖尿病預防和自我保健和文化,在利物浦建立社區主導。我們實現了該計劃的總體目標,即通過增加知識和技能共享,使社區成員能夠更好地控製糖尿病的自我護理和預防。華人身心健康與其他 12 個社區組織成員、利物浦臨床調試小組和利物浦糖尿病合作組織,在項目過程中試點了不同的方法,一起創建了一個以共享知識、信息和學習的實踐社區。糖尿病教育視頻

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