The Greenspace Project-First walking trip to Otterspool Park 2022


11th May 2022

Our first ‘green space’ outing under a new project funded through Green Recovery Challenge Fund – connecting people back to nature, led by Mersey Forest in partnership with LCC, LCCG, LJMU, Cheshire Wildlife Trust and the PATT Foundation. Our trip started out rather wet and damp, the first rainfall for over a week following glorious sunshine. However, despite this, spirits were high and everyone was excited to be going on our first outing since the start of the pandemic.

Over 30 Club members and staff had a lovely day out at Otterspool Park. Some of our members had not been out for many months, giving them the opportunity to meet their friends and to connect back to the community. Everyone joined in wearing our new outing red vest and cap which included the Chinese Wellbeing logo making it so much easier to identify each other in the park. A Big Day Out ! Everyone had a fantastic day and are looking forward to the next trip!

我們的第一個“綠色空間”郊遊是由Green Recovery Challenge Fund 基金資助的新項目 (將人們回歸自然), 由Mersey Forest領導與LCC、LCCG、LJMU,Cheshire Wildlife Trust和PATT 基金會合作。我們的期盼已就的郊遊一開始就蒙獲細雨潤澤,這是繼燦爛陽光之後一周多以來的第一場喜雨。然而,儘管如此,沒有影響大家迫不期待出遊的心情,每個人都對新冠疫情開始以來的第一次郊遊感到興奮。

30 多名俱樂部會員和工作人員在奧特斯普爾公園度過了愉快的一天。一些會員已經好幾個月沒有出門了,這讓他們有機會結識朋友並重新與社區建立聯繫。每個人都穿著我們新推出的郊遊紅背心和帽子,上面印有華人身心健康標誌,讓在公園裡更容易認出彼此。這是個多麼重要的一天啊!每個人都喜不自禁,喜眉笑眼,其樂融融,並期待著下一次旅行!

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