Greenspace Project – Nordic Walking 2022


 May-November 2022

Our Greenspace Project, funded through the Green Recovery Challenge Fund-connecting people back to nature, led by Mersey Forest in partnership with LCC, NHS, LJMU, Cheshire Wildlife Trust and the PATT Foundation, continues to receive great feedback. We have included visits to more of our fabulous local green spaces such as Croxteth Hall and Country Park , Port Sunlight Village and Rice Lane City Farm. We kicked off our Nordic Walking taster programme at Crosby Coastal Park and have received a lot of positive feedback from participants. The second taster programme has included walks in Crosby Coastal Park and Rimrose Valley Country Park, Marine Garden. Walkers have enjoyed exploring new local green spaces and have reported feeling more active and socially connected. It always makes us proud when we receive such positive feedback.  

最近得到Green Recovery Challenge Fund(將人與大自然聯繫)資助的綠色空間項目,由Mersey Forest導與LCC、LCCG、LJMU,Cheshire Wildlife Trust和PATT 基金會合作,的北歐健步繼續收到步行者热烈好评。我們還參觀了更多當地的綠地,例如 Croxteth Hall 和郊野公園、Port Sunlight Village 和 Rice Lane City Farm。我們還去了 Crosby Coastal Park 開始了我們的北歐健步行計劃,並收到了參與者的很多積極反饋。第二個北歐健步計劃已接力前往步行到多个公园包括在Crosby Coastal Park和Rimrose Valley Country Park, Marine Garden. 健行者喜歡探索新的當地公园,並報告說他們感覺更活躍,與社會聯繫更緊密。 當我們收到这些積極的反饋時,它總是讓我們感到自豪。

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