Tea House Reminiscence® and Feeding Liverpool Good Food Our Food Project

樂天茶座 和 Feeding Liverpool ‘我們的美食’項目

24th April 2023

Tea House members were delighted to be invited to be involved in the Feeding Liverpool Good Food, Our Food project, working with local photographer Emma Case to build a collection of food stories and images to form part of an exhibition.  Chinese not only enjoy eating but believe cultural food is important to our wellbeing as it can bring harmony and closeness to the family and relationships. Members shared their cultural food stories with great enthusiasm and the serving of traditional snacks triggered many happy childhood memories. A good afternoon of sharing culinary heritage and strengthening connections  through the sharing of recipes and stories was had by all.  Cultural food is an essential component of person centred care and in maintaining  health and wellbeing.  Members were invited to join the launch of the Good Food;Our Food exhibition at The Black-E, 20th May from 12pm-3pm in celebrating the relationship between food, culture, and identity with our diverse communities. 

樂天茶座會員很高興受邀參與Feeding Liverpool‘我們的美食’項目,與當地攝影師 Emma Case 合作,收集食物故事和相片以作為展覽的一部分。中國人不僅喜歡吃,而且相信文化飲食對我們的幸福感極重要,因為它可以促使家庭和諧也凝聚家庭親密關係 。會員們熱情洋溢地分享他們的文化美食,在場傳統小吃的分享勾起了許多快樂的童年回憶。大家通過分享烹飪傳統和食譜更加強了聯繫,所有人都度過了一個美好的下午。所言甚傳統文化美食是以人為本的護理和維護健康和福祉的重要部分。會員受邀參加 5 月 20 日中午 12 點至下午 3 點在 The Black-E 舉行的美食展覽。與我們多元化社區共慶美食、文化和身份之間的關係。

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