Women’s Cancer Screening Event


17th April 2023

Following on from the success of the bowel cancer event, we were pleased to welcome Rahima Farah, Network Engagement Lead from Central Liverpool Primary Care Network to share information about signs and symptoms, myths and the truth behind the common misconceptions about breast cancer. The event helped to raise awareness of the importance of spotting breast cancer early and the screening programme available. Those attending. between the ages of 50 – 71 years were urged to take up NHS breast screening invites, and for everyone to see their GP if they have any concerns. A big thank you to Central Liverpool Primary Care Network, Dr Cait Taylor, and Hayley for sponsoring the event. Thanks also to Rahima Farah for your time and commitment to helping address health inequalities and ensuring our communities are informed and supported to attend the mobile breast screening unit at the Women’s Hospital which is now in situ. If you are aged between 50-71 years with no breast cancer symptoms and would like support to access the mobile breast screening unit if eligible, we’re here to help. Pls Contact Nannan 0151-709 2643 to register your interest.

繼腸癌意識講座取得成功之後,我們很高興地歡迎中央利物浦初級保健網絡的網絡參與主管 Rahima Farah 分享了有關女性癌症常見跡象和症狀,誤解和真相的信息。該活動有助於提高人們對早期發現乳腺癌和可用篩查計劃的重要性的認識。年齡在 50 至 71 歲之間的參加者被敦促接受 NHS 乳房篩查邀請,並且如果有任何疑慮,每個人都應該去查詢他們的家庭醫生。非常感謝 (CLPCN)、Cait Taylor 醫生和 Hayley 贊助此次活動。還要感謝 Rahima Farah 抽出時間幫助解決健康不平等問題,並確保我們的社區了解情況並獲得支持,以參加婦女醫院的流動乳腺癌篩查活動,該活動現已就位。如果您符合條件年齡在 50-71 歲之間且沒有乳腺癌症狀,並且希望獲得支持以參與流動乳腺篩查 ,我們隨時為您提供幫助。請聯繫囡囡0151-709 2643 登記您的興趣。

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