Spreading Christmas Cheer to Pine Court Residents with Festive Arts and Crafts!


 December 2023

Pine Court residents came together to celebrate the holiday season with a delightful Christmas arts & crafts event led by our Community Champion and Activities Coordinator ,Nannan Lu. Residents enjoyed creating festive ornaments, making crafts and participating in the British Gymnastic Foundation Love to Move exercise delivered by our licensed practitioner Julie Lo. The event fostered a sense of community and encouraged everyone to embrace the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. 

We would like to thank Pine Court Housing for their support with our winter programme.    

聖誕期間, 松鶴樓居民們齊聚一堂。 在我們的社區推廣兼活動協調員楠楠帶領下,居民參與了一個愉快的聖誕藝術和手工藝活動,共同歡慶節日。 居民們一起製作節日裝飾和手工藝品,並參與由執業導師羅太帶領大家做英國體操基金會的 Love to Move 運動。這活動加強了社區凝聚力,鼓勵大家實踐「五種提升幸福感方法」。感謝松園房屋對我們冬季計劃的支持。

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