Community Embraces Lung Cancer Awareness with Northwest Cancer Research


 December 2023

The North West’s total death rate for trachea, bronchus and lung cancers is 25% higher than the national average. In Liverpool, lung cancer rates are 44 % higher than the national average. It mainly affects older people,with  nearly half of those diagnosed being over 75. In response to these concerning statistics, we invited North West Cancer Research to raise awareness of lung cancer with our members. Cara Newton, who is not a stranger to the Club, gave an informative presentation on the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of lung cancer, and the importance of early detection in improving treatment outcomes.

We wish to thank North West Cancer Research for their support in helping to raise awareness about lung cancer and the importance of early detection. We encourage people aged 55-74 years old who have a history of smoking to attend a lung health clinic – currently taking place virtually. The screening programme is being offered in Liverpool, Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and South Sefton. If you have any concerns whether a smoker or non smoker, please book an appointment with your GP. Learn More:

英國西北區氣管、支氣管和肺癌的總死亡率比全國平均水平高出25%。在利物浦,肺癌發病率比全國平均水平高出44%。主要影響年長人群,被診斷出的患者中近一半年齡在75歲以上。為回應有關統計數據,我們邀請西北癌症研究中心與我們的會員共同提高對肺癌的認識。 卡拉牛頓 (Cara Newton) 對俱樂部並不陌生,她對肺癌的跡象、症狀和風險因素以及早期檢測對改善治療結果的重要性進行了內容豐富的講座。

我們要感謝西北癌症研究中心的支持,幫助提高人們對肺癌和早期檢測重要性的認識。我們鼓勵55-74歲、有吸煙習慣的人在網上通過肺健康診所頁面進行篩查, 篩查計劃提供住在利物浦、霍爾頓、諾斯利、聖赫倫斯和南塞夫頓地區的人士。如果您有任何疑慮,請預見您的家庭醫生進行面談。了解更多

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