Liverpool Dementia Information Day at the Central library


 14th March 2024

We are delighted to share our experience at the impactful Liverpool Dementia Information Day at the Central Library , hosted by the Dementia Action Alliance. This event was a true testament to the incredible collaborative spirit within Liverpool.

Over 30 member organisations provided invaluable support, services, guidance, and resources for people living with dementia, fostering a more inclusive and supportive community. From informative presentations by key figures in dementia service to engaging activities and performances including dance, singing and love to move exercise, the day was both informative and uplifting.  Our very own Evergreen Club choir added a special touch with their performance, accompanied by the captivating Guzheng music by XiaoXiao. We were not only honoured to participate in this important event but also delighted by the public engagement with our stall. It was a valuable opportunity to raise awareness about dementia and the vital support available within our community. 

We extend our sincere thanks to the Dementia Action Alliance for their dedication to this important cause. A heartfelt thank you goes to our dedicated team, choir members, and XiaoXiao for their outstanding contribution to the event’s success. 

近日,我們很欣喜地分享參與了由腦退化症行動聯盟主辦的利物浦腦退化症資訊日並分享經驗。 這場活動取得了圓滿成功,並產生了深遠的影響力,充分展現了利物浦市內令人讚嘆的協作精神。

來自30多個成員組織的代表齊聚一堂,為腦退化症患者提供了寶貴支持、服務、指導和資源,共築更具包容性和支持性的社區。 活動內容豐富多彩,既有來自腦退化症服務領域重要人士的精彩演講,又有印度舞蹈、歌唱和輕便運動等參與式活動和表演。 我們自己的常青俱樂部合唱團在筱瀟美妙的古箏悠揚的伴奏下傾情獻唱,為活動增添了色彩。我們不僅榮幸能夠參與這項重要活動,更樂於與大眾分享我們在腦退化症支持方面的工作。 這是一個寶貴的機會,可以提高人們對腦退化症的認識,並了解我們社區內現有的眾多重要支持。

衷心感謝腦退化症行動聯盟舉辦此活動,也由衷地感謝我們的敬業團隊、合唱團會員和筱瀟為活動的貢獻。 我們將繼續攜手合作,為腦退化症患者提供更多優質服務,協助他們擁有更幸福、健康的生活。

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