Exploring End-of-Life Care with Marie Curie


 11th March 2024

“Nothing in life is to be feared; it’s only to be understood.” – Marie Curie.

The Evergreen Club recently engaged in an insightful discussion with Marie Curie, learning about how they can support their loved ones and the importance of end-of-life care. While recognising that some individuals and cultures may be uncomfortable discussing death, this discussion serves as a valuable step in breaking down the stigma surrounding this important stage. Through open communication and sharing, it fosters a culture of acceptance and compassion, where every person feels empowered to navigate this chapter of life with dignity and grace.  When we were asked about what best care is about? Members shared their experiences emphasising the irreplaceable role families play in providing comfort and love at home during this crucial life stage. The warmth of a loved one’s presence can ease the transition for both the individual and their family. We extend our gratitude to Katie Tierney, Community Engagement and Development Manager for the North West at Marie Curie Uk for taking time to meet with our club. Their dedication to providing dignified and essential care empowers individuals and families to navigate end-of-life care with knowledge and support. 

『生命裡沒有什麼事是需要害怕,只要我們去理解它。』- 瑪麗居里。

常青俱樂部會員近期舉辦了一個有關臨終關懷的座談會, 邀請了瑪麗居里機構代表分享和探討如何為親人提共支持和陪伴,並認識到臨終關懷對家人和家庭的重要性。儘管明白有些人和文化可能避免討論死亡,但這次座談會就打破了圍繞臨終關懷的社會忌諱。座談會上的公開交流和分享,為每個人創造一個充滿包容和同情的氛圍。我們可以幫助大家更好地應對臨終階段的挑戰,並以尊嚴和優雅的方式度過生命的最後時光。 當我們被問到什麼是最好的照護時? 會員們強調,在這重要的生命階段中,可在舒適的家中,有著家人的愛和陪伴可以為患者帶來無可替代的溫暖和慰藉,幫助他們在人生的最後階段感受到支持和關懷。 我們感謝 Marie Curie UK 西北社區參與和發展經理 Katie Tierney 抽出時間與我們的會員會面。他們致力於提供有尊嚴的基本護理,使個人和家庭能夠透過知識和支持度過臨終關懷。


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