Pine Court Celebrates Lunar New Year with Support from Community Development Fund!


 6th February 2024

Residents of Pine Court embraced the joyous spirit of the Lunar New Year with a festive arts & crafts event thanks to the generous support of their Community Development Fund. The afternoon was filled with laughter and creativity as residents explored the ancient art of Chinese paper cutting, carefully crafted  auspicious and festive pattern, including characters for “福” (fortune), “吉” (auspiciousness), 春” (spring) and the dragon, symbolising good fortune and prosperity. Each paper cut became a unique expression of personal wishes for the new year, while doubling as a beautiful decoration to adorn residents’ homes. The activity provided a joyful platform for residents to connect, share tradition, and embrace the vibrant spirit of the Lunar New Year. We would like to thank Pine Court Housing for their support with our winter programme.

在社區發展基金的慷慨支持下,松園的居民透過節慶藝術和手工藝活動迎接農曆新年的歡樂氣氛。 整個下午充滿了歡笑和創意,居民們探索了中國古老的剪紙藝術,精心製作了吉祥喜慶的圖案,包括“福”、“吉”、“春”和“繁榮”字樣等,每張剪紙都成為了個人對新年願望的獨特表達,同時也是裝飾居民家居的美麗裝飾,活動為居民提供了一個歡樂平台,讓他們可以聯繫,分享傳統並同慶春節。感謝松園房屋對我們冬季計劃的支持。

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