NIHR Health and Care Research Workshop

NIHR 健康與護理研究研討會取得了巨大成功!

 27th March 2024

Our co-hosted workshop with the NIHR Clinical Research Network was a resounding success! It wasn’t just informative, but also engaging – featuring a fun “chocolate trial” that provided insights into the  consent process and clinical trials overall. 

One of the key highlights of the workshop was its emphasis on the significance of participating in health research. The workshop sparked interesting discussions, with a local GP sharing his experience with the main barrier faced by the Chinese community, a Research Scientist from University of Liverpool explaining the DPYD study, and a Research champion highlighting a pulse oximetry study which suggests it may not be reliable in dark-skinned patients. These findings underscore the importance of actively participating in health research to address such disparities and reduce health inequality in minority groups.

The workshop truly came alive when participants voted on their research interests and the main barrier to take part in health research. These interactive sessions allowed participants to voice their opinions, feel valued and heard, fostering a sense of involvement and importance in shaping future research endeavours. The workshop left participants inspired and motivated to become active contributors, opening doors for our community to make a real difference in future healthcare.  We were impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment from everyone involved! 

Special thanks to: NIHR Critical Research Network northwest coast, participants, GP, researchers, nurse, and our dedicated team. Together, we can bridge the knowledge gap and amplify the message of health research participation. “We understand the importance of engaging in health research and will spread the word within our community.”    

NIHR 健康與護理研究研討會取得了巨大成功!

我們很高興分享最近與NIHR 臨床研究網絡共同主辦的健康與護理研究研討會取得巨大的成功! 其中有趣的“巧克力試驗”活動為我們提供了關於授權同意流程和臨床試驗的深刻見解。


當參與者投票表達他們對研究感興趣的方向和參與健康研究的主要障礙時,研討會變得充滿氣氛,生動起來。這些互動環節使參與者能夠表達自己的意見,感到受到重視和被聆聽,培養了參與和參與未來研究事業的重要性。 這次研討會讓參與者感到振奮和激勵,啟發我們社區在未來醫療健康研究方面成為積極的貢獻者 。為我們的社區開啟了一扇真正改變未來醫療的大門。我們對每個參與者的熱情和承諾印象深刻! 

特別感謝:NIHR 西北部臨床研究網絡、參與者、家庭醫生、研究人員、護士以及我們的專業團隊。齊心協力,我們將共同填補知識差距,加強健康研究參與的信息。“我們明白參與健康研究的重要性,並將在我們的社區內宣傳這一信息。”  


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