Greenspace Project 2023 – Revisit to Sefton Park Marked The Final Outing Of The Programme 

綠色空間項目2023 旧游重温塞夫頓公園棕櫚屋項目最後一次出游 

Our Greenspace Project– funded through the Green Recovery Challenge Fund re- commenced sessions in March and our recent revisit to Sefton Park Palm House marked the final outing of the programme.   Evergreen Club serves as a platform for its members to stay in touch with their friends, family and community which all helps to maintain a positive lifestyle. Some of our older members don’t have the confidence to venture far from the familiarity of the Chinatown area. Club outings to explore local attractions therefore continue to be very popular with our members.  The project provided the opportunity to explore our local parks and green spaces where members enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the historical and natural attractions with the benefit of being more physically active and socially connected. The return visit to the Palm House triggered a lot of pleasurable memories and prompted much discussion.   

Evergreen Club focuses its activities on physical and mental wellbeing and community participation in the promotion of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. It has been rewarding to receive so much positive feedback from members about the benefits of the outings which have enhanced friendships and helped to reduce social isolation and loneliness.

我們的綠色空間項目(由Green Recovery Challenge Fund資助)於三月份重啟,續我們最近再次郊遊塞夫頓公園棕櫚屋標誌著該計項目的最後一次外出。常青俱樂部為會員提供了一個與朋友、家人和社區保持聯繫的平台,這一切都有助於保持積極的生活方式。我們的一些年長會員沒有信心去遠離熟悉的唐人街地區到其他地域探索。因此,俱樂部郊遊探索當地景點仍然深受我們會員的歡迎。該項目提供了探索當地公園和綠地的機會,會員可以在那裡欣賞美麗的風景以及歷史和自然景點,並受益於更加積極的體力活動和社交聯繫。重遊棕櫚屋勾起許多愉快的回憶,也引發了很多討論。


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