Mobile Breast Screening Unit at Liverpool Women’s hospital

June 2023

Following on from our Women’s Cancer Screening Event sponsored by Central Liverpool Primary Care Network, we have been busy supporting community members to access the mobile breast screening unit at the Women’s Hospital. Since the event , we have distributed translated information and leaflets about breast cancer to raise awareness of breast cancer within the community and to ensure women do not miss out on a vital screening.  

Mobile Breast Screening Unit A mobile breast screening unit is currently at Liverpool Women’s hospital. Appointments will be available to anyone who has had an invite in the last 3 years but has NOT attended. Please call or email the contact details below for any queries or to book an appointment. Screening bookings/ enquiries – 0151 282 6920. We are offering help to anyone who needs support to access the Mobile Breast Screening Unit currently situated at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Please contact our office at 01517092643 / Nannan 07975805006 

繼利物浦中央初級保健網絡贊助的⼥性癌症篩查活動之後,我們⼀直忙於⽀持社區成員使⽤婦⼥醫院的乳腺癌流動篩查活動。 ⾃活動以來,我們分發了有關乳腺癌的翻譯信息和傳單,以提⾼社區內對乳腺癌的認識,並確保婦⼥不會錯過重要的篩查。

現在利物浦婦科醫院提供流動的乳房篩查。在過去 3 年中收到邀請但未參加的任何人都可以預約。如有任何疑問或預約,請致電或發送電子郵件至以下聯繫方式。預約電話 – 0151 282 6920  我們正在為任何需要語⾔⽀援,以預約⽬前位於利物浦婦⼥醫院的流動篩查活動的⼈提供緩助。 如有需要請聯繫我們。辦公室01517092643 / 囡囡 07975805006

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