Evergreen Club Celebrates Summer with Dumpling Making Day


24th July 2023

The Evergreen Club held a dumpling making day on 24th July to mark the summer break. The event was a great way for members to come together and learn about Chinese culture and tradition.

The club had been planning this day for weeks, as Dumplings symbolise good luck, wealth and prosperity in Chinese Culture, and everyone was excited to get started.  Members divided in to groups and started making dumplings. As members worked, they shared stories about their families and cultures. Some members had never made dumpling before, but they picked things up pretty quickly. The members enjoyed eating the dumplings and talking about their experiences. They all agreed that it was a fun and educational event.  In addition to being a fun and educational event, the act of making dumplings is a mindful activity that requires focus and concentration. The event helped to reduce isolation among members, as they were able to connect with each other and build relationships.  

They all agreed that they would do it again next year. Making dumplings with your elders is a great way to connect with them and learn about their culture. It is also a fun and rewarding activity that can help to improve our wellbeing. So why not gather your family and friends, and get together to make some dumplings this summer?


俱樂部為這一天籌備了數週,因為餃子在中國文化中像徵著好運、財富和繁榮,每個人都興奮地期待這天。會員們分成小組,開始包餃子。會員們在包餃子時分享有關家庭和文化的故事。有些會員以前從未包過餃子,但他們很快就學會了。成員們一邊吃著餃子,一邊談論著自己的經歷。他們都覺得這是一個有趣且能分享文化的活動。包餃子不僅是一項有趣且具有教育意義的活動,也是一項需要集中註意力的用心活動。 該活動有助於減少會員之間的孤立,因為他們能夠相互聯繫並建立關係。


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