Future Planning Talk by Ann Forrester from Jackson Lee Group

未來規劃演講座無虛席:Jackson Lee Group 律師行 Ann Forrester 精彩分享

 29th April 2024

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Anne Forrester from Jackson Lees Group for her insightful talk on future planning at our recent Tea House Reminiscence. We are delighted to have Ann back to refresh this crucial topic, the overwhelming attendance, even on a short notice, is a testament to its importance. It’s clear many of us are eager to learn more about future planning. Ann’s engaging talk on Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills provided a wealth of information, sparking a lively discussion and clearing up common confusions about wills and probate. Through sharing her personal experience and patiently addressing everyone’s questions, we all learned a lot about the importance of having these legal documents in place.

As a token of our appreciation, we presented Ann with beautiful, handmade flowers crafted by our members. By the end of the session, everyone felt empowered to make informed decisions and the positive feedback from members was overwhelming! They expressed feeling much more confident in navigating future planning. Thinking about your future? We offer confidential interpreting services to help you understand wills & Lasting Powers of Attorney. Contact us today 0151- 709 2643! 

我們衷心感謝 Jackson Lees Group 的 Anne Forrester 在我們最近的樂天茶座上就未來規劃再次和大家探討未來規劃,重溫和收穫重要知識。 即使是在短時間內通知,滿座也證明了主題的重要性。 很明顯,我們眾多的會員們都渴望更多地了解未來規劃。Ann 對於持續授權書和遺囑提供了重點的演講,分享自身經歷和帶來了豐富的信息,大家都熱烈的討論。 耐心和專業的她不僅回答了所有問題,還澄清了關於遺囑和遺產認證的許多常見混淆。 我們都學到了及時制定這些法律文件的重要性。

為了表達謝意,我們贈送了她由會員員製作的精美手工花束。 講座結束時,大家都覺得被賦予了知識和力量可明智的為自身未來規劃更有信心。 我們很欣慰收到會員們積極的回饋。考慮一下您的未來規劃? 我們提供保密口譯服務,協助您了解遺囑及持久授權書。 今天就聯絡我們吧 0151- 709 2643!!

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