Chinese Wellbeing Partners with Mersey Care to Support the Chinese Community – Post Diagnostic Support Group

華人身心健康與 Mersey Care 攜手共建理解之橋,打造更具包容性的華人社區腦退化症診斷後支持小組

 17th April 2024

Chinese Wellbeing is pleased to work with Mersey Care to develop a culturally appropriate post diagnostic support programme for the Chinese community. Working alongside the Lead Dementia Care Navigator, Emma, we have reviewed and culturally adapted the PDS Chinese translated modules, piloting the sessions with our Dementia Network. The presentation has been delivered directly in Cantonese by our Dementia Champion, and the participants were provided with copies for further reference.  

The programme, consisting of 7 sessions held between February and April, engaged people with dementia, MCI and family carers proved to be a valuable learning opportunity for all involved. Participants have been awarded certificates for their commitment to the program and gained invaluable insights into dementia that will enable them to live well with the condition.  Their perspectives shared through post evaluation surveys will be instrumental in shaping this programme to meet their unique needs and cultural context. 

We received a lot of positive feedback from the participants who expressed appreciation of the opportunity to attend. They feel empowered, supported, and capable of breaking the stigma surrounding dementia, and are grateful knowing that there is a multi disciplinary team to work collaboratively in supporting individuals with dementia and enhancing quality of life. 

Together, we’re building bridges of understanding and creating a more inclusive support system for those living with dementia. We extend our sincere thanks to Mersey Care and all who participated in this initiative.

我們與Mersey Care攜手合作,致力於為華人社區制定一套切合文化背景的診斷後支援計畫。 深知語言和文化因素在腦退化症護理中的重要性,我們與首席腦退化症護理導航員(Emma)密切合作,對診斷後支持信息以中文翻譯,進行了細緻的審查和文化調整,並 在我們的腦退化症支持小組中進行了試點。 課程由我們的腦退化宣傳大使直接以粵語授課,為小組成員營造安全、支持的學習氛圍。 同時,我們也為每位參與者提供課件副本,方便他們進一步查閱和學習。

該計畫於2月至4月期間舉辦了7場會議,吸引了許多腦退化症患者、認知障礙人士和家庭照顧者參與。 事實證明,這對所有參與者來說都是一次寶貴的學習機會。 參與者們因其對計畫的積極參與和對腦退化症知識的深入理解獲得了證書。 這些知識將幫助他們更好地應對腦退化症帶來的挑戰,在日常生活中保持積極的生活狀態。 我們透過後期評估調查收集了參與者的回饋意見,並將這些寶貴意見納入計劃的持續改進中,確保其始終滿足社區成員的獨特需求和文化背景。

我們收到了許多來自參與者的正面回饋。 他們紛紛表示,很高興有機會參與該計劃,並從中獲得了知識和支持,能夠更有信心應對腦退化症的誤解和社會污名。 同時,他們也對多學科團隊協同合作,為腦退化症患者提供支持和提升生活品質所付出的努力表示衷心感謝。

透過此次合作,我們攜手搭建了理解的橋樑,共同為華社腦退化症患者創造了更具包容、支持的氛圍。 我們向Mersey Care 以及參與其中的所有人致以誠摯的謝意。 我們將繼續砥礪前行,為華人社區腦退化症患者提供更多優質服務,協助他們擁有更幸福、健康的生活。

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