Dementia Champions Angel and Maggie Complete Love to Move Training

腦退化症推廣大使Angel和Maggie 完成Love to Move培訓計劃

July 2023

Congratulations to Angel and Maggie, our Dementia Champions, on their successful completion of the Love to Move training programme! Developed by the British Gymnastics Foundation, this program aims to help improve the quality of life for those living with dementia and promote better movement and functionality among older individuals. Angel and Maggie are now fully trained Licensed Love to Move Practitioners, and they will be delivering this unique programme to members of our Liverpool Chinese Dementia Network and Tea House Reminiscence on a monthly basis. The programme, adapted by experienced practitioner Julie and delivered in Cantonese, has yielded positive outcomes, with members feeling more energised and reporting improved mood and cognitive function, coordination and the ability to carry out activities of daily living more independently.

The Love to Move exercises have proven effective in enhancing cognitive function and physical abilities for everyday tasks. Additionally, Maggie and Angel will facilitate engaging activities such as memory box, reminiscence sessions, and brain health games to further support members’ wellbeing. We are excited to see the continued impact of the Love to Move Programme and look forward to working with Angel and Maggie in the future. Please keep an eye out for our next Tea House event.  We hope to see you there!

恭喜Angel和Maggie,我們的腦退化症推廣大使,成功完成了Love to Move培訓計劃!這個計劃由英國體操基金會開發,旨在改善患有腦退化症患者的生活質量,並促進長者更好地運動和增加體力功能。 Angel和Maggie現是Love to Move導師,他們將每月透過利物浦華人腦退化支援小組樂天茶座為會員提供這套特別設計的運動。這項運動目前由經驗豐富的導師Julie改編並以粵語指導,取得了積極的效果。會員們表示,他們感到更有活力,情緒和認知功能有所改善,協調能力增強,日常生活活動更獨立。

Love to Move運動已被證明可增強認知功能和日常任務的身體能力。此外,Maggie和Angel將推動一系列的活動,如記憶盒、懷緬活動和大腦健康遊戲,以進一步支持會員的健康。我們很高興看到Love to Move計劃持續的影響,期待與Angel和Maggie在未來的合作。請密切關注我們下一次的樂天茶座。希望能在那裡見到您!

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