Congratulations to Nannan on obtaining a L3 in understanding mental health..!

恭喜楠楠取得心理健康 3 級資格

July 2023

Nannan and Colin

Nannan, who is our Community Champion and Activities Coordinator,  has successfully completed a Level 3 in Understanding Mental Health. Nannan also gained an accredited Counselling qualification during Covid and continues to provide appropriate support to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of our members. Many members have been supported by Nannan through difficult times and will no doubt wish to show their appreciation and congratulate her on this recent achievement at the next Club activity day.  

楠楠是我們的社區推廣大使和常青俱樂部活動統籌, 她已成功完成了「了解心理健康」的三級資格。 楠楠還在新冠疫情期間獲得了認可的諮詢資格,並繼續提供適切的支持,以幫助改善我們會員的心理健康和福祉。 許多會員在楠楠的幫助下度過困難時期,無疑會員們希望在下一個俱樂部活動日表達他們的謝意並祝賀她最近的成就。

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