Chinese Wellbeing features in the launch of Good Food;Our Food Photography exhibition


20th May 2023

Following on from our participation in the Good Food; Our Food project last month, members were invited to join the launch of the project exhibition at The Black-E on 20th May which celebrated the relationship between food, culture, and identity with Liverpool’s diverse communities. Members were invited to attend the photography exhibition featuring a collection of cultural food, traditions and stories curated by Emma Case following extensive conversations with local communities. The exhibition was amazing and the event was successful in bringing many diverse communities together to share stories associated with the importance of good food.  The sharing of many different cultural dishes was certainly enjoyed by all. During the celebrations, members were delighted to be invited to give an impromptu performance of their favourite Cantonese songs which was very warmly received.  As a care provider rated Outstanding by CQC, we understand that preparing culturally appropriate food is an essential component of person centred care. Good food is our cultural food!! Thank you Emma Case for having us and congratulations to you!

上個月繼我們參與《我們的美食》活動之後,項目負責人邀請會員參加 5 月 20 日在 Black-E 舉行的項目攝影展覽啟動儀式,與利物浦多元化社區共慶美食、文化和身份之間的關係。 Emma Case 經過與當地社區進行廣泛交流後,策劃了一系列文化美食、傳統和故事的攝影展。會員們興致勃勃出席了這萬眾期待的攝影展。攝影展非常成功,活動成功地將許多不同的社區聚集在一起,分享與美食重要性相關的意義。大家當然都樂於分享許多不同的文化菜餚。慶祝活動期間,會員們樂樂陶陶獲邀即興獻唱自己喜愛的粵語歌曲,受到熱烈歡迎,迎來熱烈掌聲。作為受護理質量委員會 CQC 評為“優異”的護理提供者,我們了解準備符合文化的食物是以人為本的護理的重要組成部分。好的食物, 就是我們的文化食物。 !謝謝 Emma Case 邀請我們並誠意祝賀您!

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