Liverpool Vaccine Confidence Project 利物浦疫苗信心項目

May 2023

Chinese Wellbeing was approached by Liverpool Public Health to provide insight into a project exploring the reasons for vaccine hesitancy specifically amongst the older Chinese generation. The Pharmaceutical company MSD supported by Clark Health Communications (CHC) are funding the project which is aimed at improving health literacy, addressing health inequalities and improving access to healthcare. Chinese Wellbeing met with the team involved in the project to share insights into possible reasons why the uptake of vaccinations to protect against pneumonia, flu and shingles are lower in the older Chinese population. Thank you to Zoe, Emily, Kirsty (CHC), Charlotte, Tulsi and Jas (MSD )for your genuine interest in the work of our charity and for your commitment in helping to improve health outcomes for the Liverpool’s Chinese community. We look forward to working with you on the next phase of the project.

利物浦公共衛生部門與華人身心健康接洽一项旨在探索華人長者對疫苗猶豫因由的項目提供概念和觀點。由 Clark Health Communications (CHC) 支持的製藥公司MSD正在資助該項目,該項目旨在提高健康知識、解決健康不平等問題並改善獲得醫療保健的機會。我們與參與該項目的團隊進行了會面,就華人長者群接種預防肺炎、流感和帶狀皰疹的疫苗接種率較低的可能原因分享了見解。感謝 Zoe、Emily、Kirsty (CHC)、Charlotte、Tulsi 和 Jas (MSD) 對我們慈善機構工作的真誠關注,以及您們致力於幫助改善利物浦華人社區的健康狀況。 我們期待在項目的下一階段與您合作。

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