The Brain Charity Peace of Mind Project大腦慈善安心項目

12th December 2022

The Brain Charity in collaboration with Chinese Wellbeing, invited family carers and people receiving care to join a focus group to talk about their support needs in relation to care planning. The feedback from the discussions will help to inform the Liverpool City Council and Cheshire and Merseyside NHS with regards to providing appropriate support services to help address needs. The workshop provided the opportunity for participants to better understand the support that is available and to reflect on future care needs and the importance of care planning. Feedback from the focus group was extremely positive.

大腦慈善與華人身心健康合作,邀請家庭照顧者和接受照顧者加入焦點小組,討論他們在護理計劃方面的支持需求。討論的反饋將有助於告知利物浦市議會以及柴郡和默西塞德郡 NHS 提供適當的支持服務以幫助解決需求。研討會讓參與者有機會更好地了解現有的支持,並計劃未來的護理需求和護理計劃的重要性。焦點小組的反饋非常積極。

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