Healthy Food, Diet, and Happy Ageing Health Talk

中醫知識講座, 養生保健理念深入民心


9th January 2023

We were pleased to welcome Dr Zhu, who has over 25 years of clinical experience in the practice of acupuncture, TCM and Qigong to Evergreen Club. Dr Zhu delivered an interesting and enlightening health talk which explored the meaning of food and eating relative to the lives of older Chinese people and how it can
contribute to healthy and happy ageing. Food has a central position in Chinese culture for all Chinese people and particularly for the older generation.

Dr Zhu said “Nourishing the heart was the highest state of health preservation”. The talk certainly achieved its key aim of raising awareness on self-care, winter health tips and how to age well through healthy food and eating behaviours. The event was well received and many were delighted to have been introduced to a simple and effective Medical Qigong practice and several tasty recipes which can contribute to a healthy diet. Dr Zhu advised that we should laugh often, laughing is simply the best medicine. Chinese Wellbeing would like to thank Dr Zhu for her time and contribution to the work of our charity.

我們很高興地歡迎在針灸、中醫和氣功實踐方面擁有超過 25 年臨床經驗的朱醫師來到常青俱樂部。朱醫師提供了 有趣且富有啟發性的健康講座,探討了食物和飲食對於中國長者生活的意義,以及它如何有助於健康快樂優雅地老去。對於所有中國人,尤其是老一輩人來說,食物在中國文化中佔有中心地位。朱醫生說 “養心是養生的最高境界”。該演講無疑實現了主要目標,即提高人們對自我保健、冬季健康提示以及如何通過健康食品和飲食習慣保持健康的認識。此次活動反響熱烈,許多人很高興了解到簡單有效的醫療氣功練習和一些有助於健康飲食的美味食譜。朱醫師建議我們要常歡笑,笑是最好的良藥。華人身心健康感謝朱醫師抽出寶貴時間為我們的慈善事業做出貢獻

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