Mid Autumn Festival Celebration 2023: A dAy of joy, tradition, and togetherness

2023 年中秋節慶祝活動:歡樂、傳統與團聚的一天

25th September 2023

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is the second most important festival in China after Chinese New Year. The festival is a reunion time for families, we celebrate it by gathering for dinners, lighting paper lanterns and eating moon cakes. Evergreen Club members were delighted to be able to share the traditional customs of the festival through a highly entertaining celebratory event featuring wellbeing and cultural diversity and exchange. Members and their families were able to share laughter, enjoy cultural performances, Guzheng music, a lucky draw and the joy of togetherness. It was heartwarming to see everyone come together to celebrate this important cultural event and one we will remember for many years to come.

We are grateful for the support of our members and sponsors, Chung Wah Supermarket, Jennie, XiaoPing, Qing, Simon Wong (Trustee),  Ms Chen Lin from UK Phoenix Qipao and Art Association, Guzheng musicians Mr Hou and Xiaoxiao Hou, for making this celebration truly memorable.

中秋節,又稱月餅節,是中國僅次於農曆新年的第二重要節日。 中秋節是家人團聚的時刻,我們會共聚晚餐、點亮紙燈籠、品嚐月餅來慶祝節日。 常青俱樂部會員很高興能夠參與一場充滿歡慶、健康和文化多樣性交流的慶祝活動,分享這項傳統節日的風俗習慣。 會員與家人歡聚一堂,歡聲笑語,欣賞文藝演出、古箏音樂、抽獎,感受團聚的喜悅。 看到大家齊聚一堂慶祝這一重要的文化活動,我們心裡充滿了溫暖和喜悅。這也是一個我們可長久珍惜的溫馨慶祝活動。 

我們感謝會員和贊助商-中華超市、Jennie、XiaoPing、Qing、⿈啟光(董事會受託⼈)、英國鳳凰旗袍⽂創會的陳琳⼥⼠、古箏音樂家侯先生和筱瀟,正是有了您們的支持和熱情, 才使得這次慶祝活動如此精彩出色,令人難忘。


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