Celebrating Heritage Open Days at The Reader’s Garden Party

參與讀者花園派對, 與眾共慶遺產開放日

17th September 2023

This year marked the 29th anniversary of Heritage Open Days, England’s largest and free to attend festival of history and culture. We had a wonderful time at The Reader’s Garden Party on 17th September, as we came together to celebrate Heritage Open Days!

We were delighted to be invited to partake in the festival, alongside the launch of The Reader’s new park map and Garden Theatre Exhibition. The day was filled with fantastic live music, performances from community groups, crafts, demonstrations and drop-in taster sessions in Swing dancing from Mersey Swing

The celebration warmly welcomed guests from both our local community and those who travelled from further afield to join the event.  We’re so grateful to have taken part and to have been given the opportunity to share our cherished traditions, including cultural dances,  Guzheng music, and choir melodies with everyone. Seeing people of diverse ages and backgrounds enjoying the music and celebrating our community’s rich heritage was heartwarming.

We would like to thank Rayna from Liverpool Confucius Institute who entertained the audience with  an amazing dance performance, Mr Hou, a talented Guzheng musician, Evergreen Club members, our dedicated team and everyone who joined us to offer their support.  We also extend our gratitude to The Reader for hosting such a brilliant event.  

Heritage Open Days bring people together to celebrate their heritage, community and history.  It’s moments like these that remind us of the power of preserving and sharing our cultural heritage

We were very grateful to have been given the opportunity to perform at the Garden Theatre in Calderstone Park and to have community members join us to celebrate its special history. We look forward to participating again in the future. 

今年迎來了遺產開放日Heritage Open Days)舉辦的第29週年慶典,這是英格蘭最大規模的免費歷史文化節。 於9月17日,我們與公眾一同在讀者花園派對上慶祝遺產開放日,這是一個與眾同歡且難忘的一天!我們很高興受邀參加這場慶典,並見證《讀者》新地圖和花園劇院展覽的揭幕。 當天充滿了精彩的現場音樂、社區團體的表演、藝術和手工藝品的展示,以及現場嘗試學習跳默西搖擺舞

這個慶典活動熱烈歡迎來自當地社區和遠道而來的賓客。 我們深感榮幸能夠成為其中的一員,並與大家一起分享我們珍惜的傳統,包括我們的文化舞蹈、古箏音樂和合唱團的美妙聲音。 看到不同年齡和背景的人們共同享受音樂,一起慶祝我們社區豐富的文化遺產,令人感到欣慰。


遺產開放日將人們聚集在一起,一同慶祝我們的文化遺產、社區和歷史。 正是這樣的時刻提醒我們「文化遺產, 共護共享,共同傳承」的力量和重要性。我們非常感謝有機會在卡爾德斯通公園的花園劇院演出,並與社區一起慶祝這個特殊的歷史。 我們期待未來再次參與。

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