Successful Fundraising by HuiJie Ma for Chinese Wellbeing at Mid Autumn Festival 2023


September 2023

fundraising Huijie and Sarah

The Mid Autumn Festival is a time not only for celebrating Chinese traditional culture and heritage,  but also for embracing the values of kindness, sharing, unity and spreading love. Sophie Huijie Ma  created a fundraising page on JustGiving to raise money for our charity.  With support from the team, Huijie Ma organised an event featuring traditional cultural food, mooncake tasting, activities, and crafted lanterns which attracted huge interest from her work colleagues. We are very grateful for everyone’s generosity in support of this fundraising appeal. Thank you Huijie Ma for your continued support of the work that we do for the older members of the Chinese community. Your fundraising page is a perfect example to exemplify the spirit of this festive season. 

 The fundraising page is still running, and donations are most welcome. Even a small donation can make a big difference. Join us in supporting our charity by donating today : Click link to donate


中秋節不僅是慶祝中國傳統文化和傳承的節日,也是弘揚善良、分享、團結、傳播愛的價值觀的節日。 慧在 JustGiving 上創建了一個籌款頁面,為我們的慈善機構籌集資金。 在團隊的支持下,她舉辦了一場以傳統文化美食、月餅品嚐、互動活動和手工燈籠為主題的活動,引起了同事們的濃厚興趣和支持。 我們非常感謝大家對此籌款活動的慷慨支持。 感謝慧一直以來對我們為華人社區長者所做的工作的支持,您的籌款頁面是體現這個節日精神的完美例子。

籌款頁面仍在開放,並歡迎捐款。 一點一滴,匯成大海,今天就捐款支持我們的慈善工作。

Fundraising for Chinese Wellbeing at Mid Autumn Festival 2023

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