Greenspace Project – Nordic Walk and Local Park Trips 2023

綠色空間項目郊遊和北歐健步 2023

The Evergreen Club aims to improve the health and wellbeing of our community and reduce the social isolation faced by older members particularly those who  live alone.  Our Greenspace Project– funded through the Green Recovery Challenge Fund re- commenced sessions in March. We are pleased to be one of 14 community groups funded to increase access to local green spaces to improve health and wellbeing. Walkers have enjoyed all the benefits that come with being more physically active and socially connected. New members enjoyed a day trip to Port Sunlight and to Birkenhead Park which has just been added to the UK’s list of potential World Heritage Sites. All agreed that outings to parks and green spaces helped them to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. For outings in May and June please contact Nannan 0151-709 2643 to make a seat reservation.

常青俱樂部旨在改善我們社區的健康和福祉,並減少老年會員尤其是獨居會員所面臨的社會孤立。 我們通過Green Recovery Challenge Fund基金資助的綠色空間項目 於 3 月已重啟。我們很高興成為 14 個獲得資助的社區團體之一,以增加當地綠地的使用,從而改善社區健康和福祉。步行者享受了更多體力活動和社交聯繫帶來的所有好處。新成員陶醉於Port Sunlight 和Birkenhead Park的一日遊,該公園剛剛被添加到英國的潛在世界遺產名錄中。眾口同聲,去公園和綠地郊遊有助於他們保持身心健康。五,六月份出遊請聯繫囡囡0151-709 2643預定座位。

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