Evergreen Club Monday Activity day 常青俱樂部星期一活動日

Our award-winning “Evergreen Club” has a Monday Activity Day every week with the exception of the last Monday of each month*. The Club helps members remain active within the local community. We provide a range of fun activities including light exercise, games, Bingo, drumming, arts and craft session, Pom Pom dancing, karaoke /choir,  health talk, healthy eating and lifestyle tips. * We are closed on bank Holiday. * 公共假日休息。

我們屢獲殊榮的“常青俱樂部”活動日是每逢星期一,每個月的最後一個星期一除外*。俱樂部幫助會員在當地社區保持活躍。我們提供一系列有趣的活動,包括輕度運動、賓果遊戲、打鼓、藝術和手工藝課程、Pom Pom 舞蹈、卡拉 OK/合唱團、健康講座、健康飲食和生活方式提示。

Date 日期:Every Monday 逢星期一
Time 時間:下午10.15 -12.15
Venue 地點:St Michael in the City, Upper Pitt St, Liverpool L1 5BD
Entrance 費用:£ 1
Register online  網上報名
Enquiry查詢: 0151 7092643 或 07975805006 (Nannan 囡囡)

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