Empowering Our Community: A Warm Home Talk by the NEA’s Phil Povey

「溫暖的家」講座賦權我們社區冬天慳錢保暖和節能小貼士:由来自NEA 國家能源行動的 Phil Povey 主講

 15th January 2024

Winter may be approaching, but our community is filled with warmth thanks to the support of the Independent Age’s Cost-of-Living Grant Fund. This vital funding allows us to continue supporting older people during these challenging times,  ensuring they have access to the advice and help they need. Recently, we held a “Warm Home Talk” event, led by National Energy Action Project Development Coordinator Phil Povey. Filled with practical tips and actionable advice, Phil empowered our Chinese elders with strategies for staying warm and saving money on energy bills. From simple draught proofing tricks to accessing grants, he provided invaluable insights on maximising home energy efficiency. Our Senior Care Manager, David, further clarified our support services, guilding elders through accessing vital welfare benefits and combating fuel poverty. 

The event was filled with lively discussions, insightful questions, and passionate engagement from members who shared their own experiences with fuel costs. Seeing their smiles and engagement as they learned a new way to stay warm and feel supported was truly inspiring. We extend a heartfelt thank you to NEA’s Phil Povey for his enlightening presentation and Independent Age for funding this essential initiative. If you know of any Chinese elders over 65, who could benefit from our support, please reach out to David and Teresa 0151 709 2643, who are always happy to help navigate the challenges of winter and beyond.

冬天即將來臨,但我們的社區充滿了溫暖。 我們獲得Independent Age 生活補助基金的支持,使我們能夠在這個充滿挑戰的時期繼續幫助長者,確保他們獲得所需的建議和幫助。近日,我們有幸邀請到國家能源行動計劃發展協調員Phil Povey為大家主講“溫暖的家”,賦予了我們社區在冬天節省開支、保持溫暖和節能的小貼士。Phil提供了一系列保暖和節省能源費用的策略,包括實用的技巧和可行的建議。他分享了從簡單的防風密封技巧到獲取補助金的寶貴見解,以最大限度地提高家庭能源效率。我們的高級護理經理David進一步介紹了我們的支援服務,指導長者獲得重要的福利並解決燃料貧困問題。

活動中,會員們熱情分享了自身的節能經驗,氣氛熱烈,互相討論和提問。看到大家學習新的保暖方式並感受到支持時流露出的笑臉,確實讓人感到欣慰。我們衷心感謝NEA的Phil Povey提供的富有啟發性的演講,並感謝獨立時代對此重要舉措的資助。如果您知道有任何65歲以上的長者可以從我們的支持中受益,請聯繫David和Teresa,他們將樂意幫助您應對冬季及以後的挑戰。

Warm home Talk poster

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