Chinese Wellbeing Empowers Elders with Benefit Access through the Independent Age Grants Fund


December 2023


New research commissioned by the charity Independent Age indicates that one in four older people (24%) had to rely on savings last winter to help cover daily living costs, such as increased heating bills and soaring supermarket prices. The cost-of-living crisis is adversely affecting many older people, forcing some into dangerous cost-cutting measures and debt as they don’t have enough to cover the essentials.
Despite available support for the cost of living, many remain unaware of the financial support they could be entitled to from their utility companies or local authority. We’ve received support from Independent Age Cost-of-living Grants Fund, enabling us to continue assisting older people during this challenging time, ensuring they get the advice and help they need.
慈善機構Independent Age 委託進行的新研究表明,去年冬天四分之一的長者(24%)不得不依靠儲蓄來支付日常生活費用,例如增加的暖氣費和飆漲的超市價格。 生活成本危機對許多長者產生了不利影響,迫使一些人採取危險的成本削減措施並舉債,因為他們沒有足夠的錢來滿足生活必需品。
儘管可以獲得生活費用支持,但許多人仍然不知道他們有權從能源公司或當局政府獲得財務支持。 我們獲得Independent Age 生活補助基金的支持,使我們能夠在這個充滿挑戰的時期繼續幫助長者,確保他們獲得所需的建議和幫助。

We offer:
Drop in Service -provide support and guidance in applying for welfare benefits
Support to access better energy deals and accessing energy supplier trust funds and other packages of support
Support to access social care services
Outreach support for those with mobility issues
Support to access safe and secure housing
Act as interpreter and advocate with DWP and other agencies
我們提供 :
諮詢服務中心 – 為申請福利提供支援和指導

We are urging older people who struggling with finances or worried about rising costs to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you to check for unclaimed benefits including Pension Credits, Attendance Allowance, Fuel support, council tax reductions or Housing Benefits, ensuring you receive the necessary advice and assistance. We recognize that language barriers may be a challenge for many in the Chinese community, making it difficult to access available support. We are here to help and we encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out and call David or Teresa, who provide support and guidance in applying for welfare benefits.

我們鼓勵經濟困難或擔心費用上漲的長者與我們聯繫。 我們的專業團隊隨時準備協助您檢查您應得的福利,包括退休金、出勤津貼、燃油支援、市政稅減免或住房福利,確保您獲得必要的建議和協助。我們意識到,語言障礙對華人社區的許多人來說可能是一個挑戰,使其難以獲得應有的支持。 我們很樂意為您提供協助,並鼓勵有需要的人致電 David 或 Teresa 0151 709 2643,他們會在申請福利方面提供支援和指導。

Check benefits and financial support you can get  檢查您可以獲得的福利和財務支持

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