Bowel Cancer Awareness Talk Sponsored by CLPCN

由CLPCN 贊助的腸癌意識講座

13th March 2023

A recent NHS campaign urged people to use their bowel cancer home testing kit and  raised awareness of the signs of symptoms of cancer. The Central Liverpool Primary Care Network (CLPCN)  provided the opportunity for Chinese Wellbeing to gather community members together to help raise awareness of the key messages from the campaign.  A presentation was delivered by Dr Katy Gardner and Dr Cathy Hubbert, Dr’s personal story helped to make the presentation very real, and everyone agreed the talk was extremely beneficial and certainly helped to increase knowledge and understanding on the importance of testing for early detection.  Thank you CLPCN for sponsoring the event, Dr Katy Gardner and Dr Cathy Hubbert, Rahima, Hayley, Ann Marrie and the team for arranging it.  Thanks also to Big Bowl Noodle for the delicious food. 

最近的 NHS 推廣活動敦促人們使用腸癌家庭檢測套件,並提高人們對癌症症狀跡象的認識。利物浦中央初級保健網絡 (CLPCN) 為我们提供了將社區成員聚集在一起的機會,以幫助提高對推廣中關鍵信息的認知。Katy Gardner 醫生和Cathy Hubbert醫生以投影片演說為活動主講,醫生分享了親身對檢測腸癌的經歷,參加者都認為這次演講受益匪淺,獲益良多,並且理解測試對於早期檢測的重要性。感謝 CLPCN 贊助此次活動,感謝两位醫生,Rahima,Hayley,Ann Marrie 以及安排此次活動的團隊。特此感謝大碗麵的美味午餐。

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