Tea House Reminiscence® Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney Talk by Ann Forrester

遺囑和持久授權書講座,由 律師行的法律執行官 Ann Forrester 主講

20th February 2023

Following a recent workshop sponsored by The Brain Charity which explored the needs of carers and those receiving care, we received requests from participants for more information regarding the legal aspects of care planning. In response, we made arrangements with a fellow member of the Dementia Action Alliance, Ann Forrester from Jackson Lees to give a talk to our members. Ann explained in detail the importance of care planning and the ways in which to protect themselves  and their family members. The talk was very well received and has served to raise awareness of the potential issues which could arise in the absence of legal safeguards.

最近由大腦慈善( The Brain Charity )贊助的探討護理人員和接受護理人員需求的研討會之後,我們收到了參與者的請求,讓我們提供有關護理計劃法律方面的更多信息。因此,我們安排了腦退化症行動聯盟(Dementia Action Alliance)的一位成員,來自 Jackson Lees 律師事務所的 Ann Forrester 為我們的會員發表演講。Ann 詳細解釋了醫療規劃是極其重要性,以及保護自己和家人的方法。該演講廣受好評,並有助於提高人們對在缺乏法律保障的情況下可能出現的潛在問題的認識。

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