Tea House Reminiscence®樂天茶座®

Tea House is a place for everyone to connect with old and new friends to share memories and relax in a safe and cultural specific environment. We have recently been awarded an NHS Health & Wellbeing grant, which has enabled us to reinstate the monthly Tea House Reminiscence schedule which started in September.

樂天茶座®是華人社區長者聚集在一起互相學習、交流意見和玩樂的友好地方。我們最近獲得了 NHS 健康與福利補助金,讓我們能夠重啟月度茶座計劃。

Date 日期:Last Monday of the month 每月最後一個星期一
Time 時間:10am-12.30pm
Venue 地點:St Michael in the City, Upper Pitt St, Liverpool L1 5BD
Entrance 費用:£ 2
Register Online  網上報名  
Enquiry查詢: Angel or Maggie 0151 7092643

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