Psychological Wellbeing Workshop 心理健康研討會

31st October 2022

We were pleased to welcome Tou Hui (Weltor) and Sarah Kelani Assistant Psychologists from Merseycare NHS Step Forward Service who delivered an inspiring and informative workshop for Evergreen Club members. Members learned about mental health services and how the Step Forward Service can help the Chinese community to better understand and manage the challenges in life which can affect mental wellbeing. Weltor provided insight into different psychological techniques to deal with stress including practising mindfulness breathing exercises which everyone found really interesting.

我們很熱烈歡迎來自 Merseycare NHS Step Forward Service 的 Tou Hui (Weltor) 和 Sarah Kelani 助理心理學家,他們為常青俱樂部會員提供了一個內容豐富的研討會。會員們了解了許多心理健康服務,以及 Step Forward Service 如何幫助華人社區更好地理解和應對生活中可能影響心理健康的挑戰。 Weltor 提供了有關應對壓力的不同心理技巧的見解,包括練習正念呼吸練習,大家都覺得這些技巧很有帮助。

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