Covid & Myths Webinar

25th September 2021

When our Covid 19 Community Health Activities Coordinator Nannan Lu, recognised the need to debunk some of the myths regarding the Covid vaccine, she approached Dr. S Kan (FRCGP) who is a local GP and Trustee of Chinese Wellbeing to take part in a webinar to answer questions and discuss issues about the vaccine. The webinar focused on helping the community learn the facts about the Covid vaccine with the aim of increasing the vaccination uptake rate. Dr Kan was joined by our Honourable guest speaker, Dr Vinci Ho, Clinical Director, PCN Care Enterprise, Liverpool NHS who helped to address many concerns and real-world perspectives on different issues around COVID-19 vaccines. There was a lot of positive feedback from those who took part, with participants stating that they had enjoyed the webinar and several commented that they would like to see regular webinars on Covid vaccines and government updates in the future.

新冠社區健康活動協調員,囡囡認識到有必要让社区成员更加了解有關新冠疫苗的一些谣言。她聯繫了當地家庭醫生兼華人身心健康受託人的簡嘯文醫生(FRCGP),并邀请他为網絡研討會回答問題並討論有關疫苗的問題。 該網絡研討會的重點是幫助社區了解有關新冠疫苗的事實,以提高疫苗接種率。簡醫生與演講嘉賓何弘赐醫生(利物浦 NHS PCN 護理企業臨床總監)一起參與討論,他幫助解決了有關新冠疫苗不同問題的許多擔憂和現實世界的觀點。 參與者給出了很多積極的反饋,參與者表示他們很喜歡這次網絡研討會,還有一些人評論說他們希望將來定期看到有關新冠疫苗和政府最新動態的網絡研討會。

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