Purposes and Aims of the Charity

The charity, formerly known as Merseyside Chinese Community Development Association (MCCDA)  was incorporated on 27th November 1989.

The objectives of the charity are:

  • to promote the education of people in the principles and practice of good citizenship and service to the community
  • to promote and provide social services of a charitable nature for the benefit primarily but not exclusively of Chinese persons resident within the area with the object of improving the conditions of life of the persons to whom such services are provided
  • to advance the education of unemployed persons, in particular those of Chinese origins, who are in need of assistance by providing them with vocational training


Aims and Focus of Our Work

Chinese Wellbeing delivers a suite of services that aim to:

  • Enable independent living.
  • Promote physical, mental, social and economic well-being.
  • Support community involvement.
  • Enable a better route for community engagement.
  • Advocate on behalf of our clients – and help them develop and use their own voices.
  • Provide information – to clients and about the needs of our client, to Government, local agencies and the community at large.

Mission and Value Statement

Our mission:

To be a prominent community member known for meeting the health care needs of the community and beyond, through excellent individualised care and wellness initiatives and our commitment to quality concepts and continuous improvement.

Our values:

  • Dignity and Reverence – treat all  with dignity, courtesy and understanding
  • Trust – Honest and open communication
  • Integrity – Honesty and fairness, self-scrutiny
  • Heritage/Culture – Faithful to the origins of the organisation
  • Diversity – Embrace the diversity of our wider community
  • Respect – Treat all with respect and esteem
  • Compassion – Display both empathy and sympathy for all
  • Quality – To excel in all aspects of service delivery