Tea House Reminiscence® follows on from our Winter Survival and Beyond project which
was funded by the Community Foundation Merseyside in 2013.During this project, we
developed a culture specific programme of activities which included Chinese films, karaoke,
reminiscence with iPads, Chinese memory box sessions, games and a reading corner. The
project’s success was marked by being shortlisted in the Older Persons Category of the Spirit
of Merseyside Awards 2013.

The Tea House is a place for everyone to connect with old and new friends in a safe and
friendly environment very similar to the tea houses in Hong Kong and China.  With the
serving of a traditional soup and home cooked Chinese dishes, many look forward to the

Di Burbidge, Service Development Manager said ‘The concept of the Tea House builds upon
the previous work of our Dementia Champion in raising awareness of dementia and
providing advice and information with regards to support services. It is generally accepted
that keeping the brain active for example, through continuous learning and engaging in
reminiscence activities can have very positive effects on a person’s mental health and

As part of the programme, participants joined in an interactive session to enhance their
knowledge of dementia and dispel some of the misconceptions regarding the condition. The
session included information on the following:

1. Basic Knowledge of Our Brain

2. Understanding more about Dementia

3. Diagnosis of Dementia

4. Treatment and Daily Care/Support to People with Dementia

Rita Lee, Mental Health Project Lead said ‘The ‘Tea House’ concept provides the
opportunity to experience the power of peer support. We would actively encourage anyone
who is interested to come and learn something new or simply enjoy reminiscing over bygone
days in a safe environment’.

If you or a family member would like to come along to the next session or would like to talk
to someone in confidence about a health issue, please call Rita Lee on 0151 709 2643.